Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Today the 21st of May am vising Michganw where Iwillbe staying with Jerry Martin a retired vice chairperson of Dow Chemicals. Iwill also have meetings with the Spring Hills Camps ministries t Grand Rapids on the possiblities of doing Youth Summer Camps in Tanzania!
I also hope to use my time here to share with more people about the New Plantings ministry that I will be doing with the Diocese of Morogoro Tanzania.

I invite your prayers, comments and support.



steve said...



The people of St Stephen's are excited and blessed to be a partner with you in this new work of the Lord. We hold you, your family and this ministry in our prayers and in our hearts!

We look forward to many New Plantings!

Rev. Steve Lawler

angela said...

mambo father dennis! GREAT BLOG! you are now on my blog-roll, and i will keep up with you here!

give my greetings to all of the wawezasaji when you see them, and the folks morogoro. my prayers are with you in this new endeavor. yesu kiongozi. angela